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If you are budgeting for your next holiday you will probably be worried about the type of holiday that you can now afford, especially if you have previously taken quite costly breaks. Believe it or not there is a way to have holidays to anywhere in the world and not pay full price and that is by taking last minute holidays. These are holidays that are booked very close to their departure date and as a result they can be found at a much reduced price. [click to continue…]


Most of us think it would be great to suddenly decide to take a vacation and just be able to take off. However, in the past, it seemed difficult to do so due to high prices when booking at the last minute. Fortunately, there are now ways people can get a great deal on vacations booked on short notice. Below are some easy tips to booking a cheap vacation at the last minute: [click to continue…]


Experience the World on a Boat

Experience the World on a BoatAt some point of your life, you’ve had the idea to set sail into the sunset,  and make an almost pirate-like voyage across the seas? Each one of us has been there, the idea of freedom and the open seas is as old as time. But before actually getting into this kind of adventure, we must think through the details to organize thoroughly, so that everything goes according to plan. [click to continue…]


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