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Over the past few decades, the numerical rankings that demonstrate each country’s propensity for travel have remained remarkably unchanged. Every year, the citizens of the Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark are ranked in the top five of world travellers; their dominance is only interrupted by the United States, which usually places second or third. [click to continue…]


Last Minute Vacations

Many savvy travelers take advantage of last minute deals by scheduling their vacation time as normal, and within a two week period of their travel date start looking for their perfect budget vacation. All of the most popular destinations have hotel rooms that have not been filled, and many air flights are not fully booked. These deals come when hotels realize they still have inventory, and airline seats are still available within two weeks of any travel date, or less. At this point, both hotels and airlines are willing to offer deep discounts for those who can take advantage. [click to continue…]


Anyone who is looking for a low cost holiday that feels as though you have paid full price needs to check out some of the last minute holiday deals that are always available. Last minute holidays deals are holidays which are nearing their departure date which have not yet been booked and as a result travel agents will dramatically reduce them in order to sell them. So if you are in the right place at the right time you could find yourself being able to save hundreds of pounds on your dream holiday. [click to continue…]