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Preparing For A Long Road Trip

DIY car entertainment kitGoing on a road trip?

Traveling by airplane may still be the safest way to travel, statistically, but cars take the predominant lead. Whether a business trip, or something for pleasure, every day, thousands of car journeys are carried around all over the globe. [click to continue…]


leopard - Sri Lanka National ParksSri Lanka remains to be the best place for seeing wildlife in the entire Asia. The isolated island of Sri Lanka experiences heavy monsoon rainfall due to variety of altitudes, which have given the country varied climatic conditions. This suitable climate allows existence of different wildlife, found across the Asian continent. The country’s land is less developed, despite the exploding human population that is increasingly causing high pressure on ecosystem.

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Louvre Museum

Paris is favorite place and France capital, well this country is known for the fashion, vibrant culture as well as historical places. This city is also known for the museums because it has great museums and historical place that worth of visiting. The Paris is very popular for Eiffel Tower this is an icon of the country. [click to continue…]


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