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The Marquesas Islands remain one of the last bastions of the ancient Polynesian culture, a land before time. The Islands are set three hours away from the Tahiti, by plane.Their isolation plays a great part in their charm, making them one of the most intact islands in the world, and the home to a proudly indigenous people with their very own language, dissimilar to Tahitian, and originating from the ancient Maohi language. [click to continue…]


Attractive a bloomer can be a nerve-wrecking get, whether you’re winning a antepenultimate instant move, or your trip is something that you’ve proposed out weeks or flatbottom months in boost.

This is because as you are anticipating the direction on the different end of your grace, you’re constantly wondering what you’ll beggary, what they’ll already know for you, what you can’t leaving at national and what you can’tleave there. [click to continue…]

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The right Mother’s Day decorations can help make the special day even more memorable. Thankfully, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to create thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts. Making your own decorations can serve as a fun alternative to store-bought versions, and we guarantee that your little ones will love contributing their crafting skills as you enjoy this family holiday. [click to continue…]