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5 Useful Tips For First Time Travelers To Croatia

Croatia is a wonderful amalgamation of natural beauty and ancient history that has always attracted tourists from around the globe. As of the sunniest European countries, Croatia has a long coastline on the Adriatic Sea that’s blesses with pleasant climate, making it a popular and attractive vacation spot. There are innumerable reasons to include Croatia on your travel bucket list, from the breathtaking beaches, awe-inspiring architecture, marvelous ruins to the spectacular waterfalls. Here we will offers five useful tips for first-time travelers to Croatia, which should help to experience Croatia in the best possible way.

Explore Croatia’s Stunning National Parks

Take a plunge into the best that nature has to offer at picturesque national parks in Croatia. Make sure to visit the Plitvice Lakes, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s an amazing nature reserve with 16 interconnected crystal clear lakes with perfectly still blue water. You will be won over by the striking and lush nature of this place. Of course, each national park has something unique to offer, be it the cascading waterfalls at the Krka National park or the resplendent greenery of the Mljet National Park. These natural are simply ideal for adventure loving folks who enjoy outdoor activities. Northern Velebit is especially popular among trekking and hiking enthusiasts. However, park is also a perfect  place for those who just want to observe amazing flora and fauna.

Relax at Croatia’s Best Beaches

Croatia’s coastline is dotted with some of the best beaches in the world. The sandy sea shores and the azure blue waves make for a perfect relaxing getaway. Most of the popular beaches are located on the Dalmatian coastline and are easily accessible by yacht charter and ferries. Tourists are spoiled for choice with so many exotic beaches that Croatia has to offer. Enjoy the golden stretch of sand at Queen’s Beach in Nin, or a rejuvenating dip with the family in the splendid waters of the Sunj Beach. For a surreal glimpse at history, head over to the Kupari Beach which is surrounded by deserted hotels that were damaged in the 90’s, during the war. Most of the beaches have affordable accommodation at a walking distance and also offer fun activities and water sports, both for adults and children.

Indulge in the Local Food & Wine

Croatian cuisine comprises of delectable Mediterranean dishes that celebrate the local produce and seasonal crops. Succulent vegetables like tomatoes and aubergines, doused with delicious olive oil, provide a burst of unforgettable flavors. The coastal region is famous for its fresh seafood that is delivered straight from the sea to the plate. All the ingredients are locally sourced, therefore the menu changes every month. If you are planning a trip during the autumn months then you will be just in time for the truffle hunting season. The wine of this region matches the food in terms of quality, and tasting the locally brewed wines is a must. You can opt for a food and wine tasting tour that is offered by various agencies, to give your palette a comprehensive Croatian experience.

Rent a Car for an Adventurous Road Trip

The best way to cover the beautiful coastline and to enjoy the sights and scenes is to rent a car and drive through this magnificent country. You will need at least a week to be able to make adequate stops at all the tourist destinations. A good place to start would be the capital city of Zagreb, from where you simply need to make your way to the coastline and keep heading south. Make sure to visit the museums in Zagreb before you head out. Likewise, St. Mark’s Church and the Museum Of Broken Relationships are worth exploring as well. Be sure to stop by in Rijeka, a cultural capital of Europe for 2020. As you drive, enjoy the nature parks and the beaches along your way until you reach the city of Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik’s medieval architecture made strong impression on producers of TV series “Game of Thrones”, as much so that the city has become one of the filming locations. It has brought overnight fame to this ancient city and placed it on the international road map of attractions. A walk through the paved alleys flanked by majestic buildings is the best way to end your memorable Croatian road trip.

Sail Away to the Splendid Islands

The waters just off the main coast of Croatia are sprinkled with a bunch of islands, each as sublimely beautiful as the next. The recommended way to wade through the waters is a tour on a sailboat or yacht that covers all the sought after islands in a span of a few days. On your voyage, you will get to see the lush greenery of Hvar, the serene splendor of Vis, the stupendous architecture of Korcula and so much more. This marine expedition is the best way to cruise through the brilliant blue waves and go island hopping.

These tips will ensure that your first trip to Croatian is replete with delightful moments and memories to cherish for a lifetime. Bear these in mind before you head over to the piece of heaven that is Croatia.



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