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Chic in Sydney

Sydney, Australia

            When you hear Sydney, fashion does not come to mind, however, Sydney has a very vibrant fashion scene. Moreover, it is a place where all everyone can see what is going on not just in Australia, but also in the rest of the world. Sydney is a great place to take a walk, nay a stride, through the world of style.

Where to go shopping in Sydney?  

            Sydney is a pretty big and diverse city, but it is very easy to miss all the most stylish places. If you want to be part of the fashion scene, then you must absolutely visit Strand Arcade. It has many fashion designer owned boutiques which you simply must see for yourself. Furthermore, Rose Bay has a wide selection of labels, though it tends to cater to the artistic souls mostly. Nevertheless, it is still important enough a name to pay attention to when in the city.

Where to go visiting?

            As all Sydney siders know, it is an absolute must to visit some of the cultural fashion destinations that define Sydney as a fashion scene. William Street and Glenmore Road in Paddington are both places that display an alluring and diverse mix of international and Australian designers.

Everything under one roof

            If you are the sort that likes to buy everything under one roof, but would like to maintain the options when it comes to different designers, then it is time to visit Westfield Sydney, with its various stores offering a lot of options to suit all tastes. And if you are already in the area, it may be a good idea to take some time-off and have a nice refreshing meal in one of the renown restaurants in the vicinity.

            The Queen Victoria Building and The Galeries are not that far away either, and they are both absolutely astonishing places for fashion and luxury tourists. Not only do these beautiful places offer the mint of prêt-à-porter and haute couture, they also have a wide selection of vintage designer pieces.

Back to retro

            If you are in the mindset to scour the city looking for vintage deals on a Saturday, then definitely go and check out Surry Hills; its markets are filled to the brim with retro designer finds. You can also get a good bargain on labels, retro and modern as well. But, if you want a good place where you can see all the design subscenes and cultures of the fashion world meet, then head on down to Newtown.

After shopping

        Sydney’s boutique hotels is always a great place to spend the rest of the day after hours spent on shopping and finding the best designer labels in Sydney. Ultimately, these places offer a trendy way to rest for a while.



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