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Experience the World on a Boat

Experience the WorldAt some point of your life, you’ve had the idea to set sail into the sunset,  and make an almost pirate-like voyage across the seas? Each one of us has been there, the idea of freedom and the open seas is as old as time. But before actually getting into this kind of adventure, we must think through the details to organize thoroughly, so that everything goes according to plan. The alternative would be being stranded far from dry land, on a boat, without supplies, and this is not even something to joke about.


Based on the number of days you will spend on your sailing trip, pick as many destinations as can ‘fit’ into your schedule so that you can spend some quality time while you’re berthing in the harbor as well. Of course, you can organize your time the way you prefer, but here are some bits of advice. There are many people who prefer to choose just one or two places to visit and spend most of the time at sea. While there are many awesome places you can visit, we will recommend those which have proved to be a popular blend of fun, adventure and cultural sights.


The Old Continent has always gathered the most tourists from all over the world. The ancient cities, castles, famous battlefields and breathtaking landscapes are just some of the reasons why so many tourists decide to come back again and again. The same goes for those who sail around Europe in search of a good party. From the French Riviera to Anatolia in Turkey, you will not find it easy to stick to one harbour.


Starting from the famous French Riviera, you will get familiar with a number of legends, myths and stories about famous people cruising along the shores of Nice, Cannes, Saint-Tropez and Monaco. You can opt either between unspoiled islands and rugged inlets, or fine beaches. If, however, you chose to experience a somewhat different French coastline, the islands of Port Cros and Porquerolles might be a good choice.


Since you’re in the neighborhood, stop by Italy. Our recommendation – Palermo on Sicily. Sailors have always been attracted by some of the most famous beaches located on this island, and you can visit more than ten which are easily accessible by boat.

And of course, your Mediterranean adventure cannot be completed without cruising through the Greek islands, going towards Turkey – over 8,300 kilometers of coastline along with a multitude of beaches and bays to berth and spend time at.

More than Europe

If you prefer more exotic destinations, Cuba or the Canary Islands are always the best options. Beautiful landscapes and a rich historic and cultural background is what Cuba has to offer, partially because of its colonial past, and partially because of its Amerindian and African roots. These dreamy locations look perfect whether you have your own custom built boat, or you are merely chartering.

It really doesn’t matter which destination you chose. The only real difference between sailing destinations is whether they are warm or cold, because they are all unique and unforgettable in their own way, and all of them promise an adventure you could tell your grandkids about.

After all, being a sailor is one of the few remaining “cool jobs” a person can have in this corporate little world.



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