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Killer Apps to Shed Your Weight

Losing weight is really the great thing and it is the one that almost everyone wants to do. It is the task that requires a great determination and motivation. There are many factors involved in this; above all, a person must stick to it deeply. They should not have a double-minded decision in this. The first step in weight loss is to avoid all the junk food. The less you see the junk food the less you want it and the less you eat it. Better stay away from all the junk foods.

The second step is to eat healthy foods. In order to lose weight and stay fit, start eating healthy foods. Carbohydrates should have a minimum intake. Next, comes the important factor in losing weight that is, exercise. Healthy eating habits will keep a person from getting fat, but exercise helps them to lose weight. Take off the guilty complex from you. Keep your mind fresh and start weight reducing steps.

A person may do exercise, but he doesn’t know how many calories he has burnt. Stop worrying apps will take care of these things. Weight reducing apps will give confidence to the people. They will calculate how many calories have been burnt and how many calories should be burned in a month to reduce the estimated kilograms.

Stay fit by using the following apps.

Lose it

This app is freely available for the Android and iPhone users. With this app, people can achieve a sustainable weight loss. This tool has an app as well as a website. So that people can see their information in small and big screens.

With the help of this app, users can connect with their friends; they can connect with different devices and with food information. This app will help the users to lose weight with smart measures.

This app will help the users to create a personalized weight loss plans and goals. The goals should include a goal weight, total wellness, and fitness.

With this app, users can access the verified food database. By accessing it, users can keep track of their calories, they can add custom foods and they can even share the recipes.

This app connects with the other apps also. RunKeeper, Nike+ are connected with Lose it.

Users can set goals for themselves or they can ask their friends to suggest their goal. By competing with others, weight loss strategy functions better.

MyFitness Pal

This is another famous app that will keep track of the user’s food intake, exercise and call the user’s friends to motivate them.

This app has an access to millions of foods in its database and adds the food logs on the phone. BlackBerry and Windows users can also make use of this app. This app is freely available. With the healthy diet and healthy exercise, people can stay fit with this app and reduce the weight as per their wish.

This app connects with the other apps like FitBit, Withings, Runtastic, UP and many others. The app tracks the progress of the weight loss with the special tools and accessories. An Apple Watch also supports this app.


As like other apps, Pact also available for free. Users can track their exercise and they should more vegetables. Users should do what they have promised. If not, they have to some amount to the app. If they completed the task, the app will give them a considerable amount. This is the wisest method. People complete the task to earn more money. Users can earn up to $5 per week.

This includes over-time also. Users can start with, earning small amount and end up earning more. At the same time, they may lose money if they failed to do the task.

Diet hero

This app counts the calories after consuming food. It is a great meal planner. And it will direct the user, what to eat and how much to eat. If they user doesn’t like the food, which was by the app, they can inform the app and it will suggest the alternative food for that.

The user has to enter their weight, height, gender and how much amount of weight they should reduce. By considering all these information, the app will recommend what to eat. If the user follows the food, which was recommended by the app, they will definitely lose the expected weight. By sacrificing little they gain more benefits.


One of the annoying things in weight loss is, not knowing what to eat and what to not eat. Apps like Fooducate will educate the user regarding this.

Users can scan food with the help of the phone’s camera and the Smartphone will display the grade for the food item. Based on the grade, the user has to decide whether to eat the food or not.

This app will help the user to take smart decisions in a weight loss program and it will also help them to learn about the healthy food habits.

Nike+ Training Club

If the user is confused about where to start the new workout, the app will help them to start a new workout and it will inform the user regarding the do’s and don’ts of the exercise.

The app can teach 100+ new exercises to the users. People can use this app on the TV on the tablet. So that, it can clearly show the way how it actually works. For using the app on the TV, the user needs AirPlay, HDMI cable or ChromeCast.

iPhone health app

Apple offers a free health app on the iPhone. This app will help the user to track their weight loss progress and also the activity levels.

People can use this app to track their steps, stairs walked and more walking related exercise. This app connects with many other apps and it also helps the users to use sensors on their iPhone. This app also uses other accessories to collect all the health data of the user.

Google Fit

Google Fit is a free fitness and weight loss app. This product was developed by Google. This app keeps track of all the user’s activities simply by holding the Android phone. This app also works in Android SmartWatches also. It keeps track of fitness greatly.

If the user plans to walk for 60 minutes a day, this app will suggest all the possible ways for achieving the target. If people use this app, the need not go for a gym.

Weight Watchers app

This is a great weight loss and fitness tool. This app is costly than the other apps; it costs $19.95 for the subscription. This app uses smart points instead of calories; so that, the user needs to track some set of numbers each day.

If the users use this app, they can lose up to 10 pounds month.

Noom Coach       

This app has about 15 million users worldwide. This app not only in losing weight, but it will monitor the habits of the user and it will provide tips for maintaining the fitness and stay healthy for long-term. As like other apps, Noom Coach will also help the user reach their goal. The app will track the user’s performance and will guide them through a structured program so that, users can reach their specific health goals.      


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