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Millennial Travel Trends – Infographic

Millennial Travel Trends – Infographic

At this stage, most of us are familiar with the term millennial in that it refers to a specific demographic of the population that were born between 1980 and 2000. They have grown up just as huge advances in technology are playing out throughout the world. The proliferation of the Internet being the obvious one.

Millennials have embraced technology for the most part – the exception might be their location in the world whereby their access to Internet is limited (e.g. Third World countries). Smartphones are a ubiquitous item for millennials and technological advancement has meant that they have a huge multitude of possibility right there in the palm of their hands.

Apps and web technology mean that they can browse, pick and pay for practically anything on their phone. Businesses have had to make sure they are advancing with this behaviour and invest in things like quality imagery for the likes of a hotel business.

Other apps have made people like millennials powerful in that they can sway the behaviour of future customers with the tap of a few words on their smartphone keyboard. TripAdvisor in terms of the hospitality industry has been both an angel and a demon in this respect. Millennials like to share their activities with the world and in general love to post copious amounts of information all over social media about their lives, their clothes, their purchases and their travel. It’s an information hungry world who live off giving content and digesting content.

This infographic from Ard Na Sidhe aims to showcase what millennials want in terms of travel and travel preferences; it uses interesting data to highlight certain aspects of this topic so check it out in full below.



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