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One Day in Hong Kong

I’ve always been a big traveler. It’s in my DNA to visit new places and to experience new things. That’s why, I like to be spontaneous and I often deviate from the initial route. This also happened last summer, when I’ve decided to spend a 4 weeks in Australia visiting my relatives. I was planning this trip for a long time and I really wanted to be nothing less than perfect. But as I reached the airport, a thought had struck me.

I was thinking to make a detour and to visit Hong Kong, at least for one day. I was aware about the greatness of this city and I had some friends who actually visited it. So I changed my plane tickets and I boarded the plane.

From the moment I’ve arrived in Hong Kong and I’ve walked out the airport’s gate, I was charmed. The city has a special vibe, which can be sensed in everything that surrounds you. It was a unique feeling and I’ve never experienced that, ever before. I decided to start my trip in Hong Kong, by getting to know the city a little. So I’ve put my sneakers and I started wandering the endless streets of the city. The center was simply amazing and you couldn’t know what to admire first. The imposing skyscrapers were everywhere, and I’ve felt like in an Asian New York. I was always a landscape enthusiast so when I found out about Victoria Peak, I was more than thrilled.

Victoria Peak is the biggest attraction of Hong Kong, and the whole construction is built 1,800 feet above the sea level. As you might’ve guessed, the whole summit provides an extraordinary view. From there, I had the chance to admire the imposing skyscrapers, the endless forests and the nearby islands. If you take your time and focus on every detail, you can spend hours up there, without noticing how time flies. But unfortunately I only had a day so I had to move on.

After this incredible experience, I started to get hungry so I had to find a place to eat. Because my whole trip in Hong Kong was meant to be a cultural experience, I’ve decided to eat one of the most famous dishes of this city: Dim Sum. Even though I didn’t know much about this type of food, I’ve decided to give it a chance and to try it out. As I was about to find out, there are many types of Dim Sum and I really wanted to try them all. All of them were delicious and I actually ate more than I should’ve, just to try all of them.

I left the restaurant and because I had just a few hours until my plane was leaving, I’ve decided to spend them at a massage saloon. The massage therapy and it’s techniques is more than just a relaxation method and it’s considered an important part of this city’s culture. From the moment you step inside the massage saloon, you get embraced by the smell of aromatic herbs, which calm you down instantly. The massage rooms have some simple decorations, with a lot of traditional Chinese motifs. The whole session took almost an hour and after it was finished, I felt like a newborn. I was so relaxed and happy in the same time, because I had the chance to experience an important part of Hong Kong’s cultural heritage in such a pleasant way.

I headed to the airport a little disappointed, because I didn’t have the chance to visit every part of this city, in just one day. However, I promised myself that I will return and next time I will stay longer. I can’t wait to visit Hong Kong again!



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