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Preparing For A Long Road Trip

Going on a road trip?

Traveling by airplane may still be the safest way to travel, statistically, but cars take the predominant lead. Whether a business trip, or something for pleasure, every day, thousands of car journeys are carried around all over the globe. Some travel on their own, some carpool, some travel as families, and some travel with friends or colleagues. The number of people per car varies, and so does the mileage covered. One thing remains the same – long road trips are really long. Since sitting in a car is not our most natural position, these long roadtrips can also become a source of stress and cramps, and of course, loneliness. It doesn’t have to be that way. In a world where it is neigh impossible to go off the grid, the automotive industry is heavy set on putting out as many gadgets as they can. Some of these gadgets are aimed at long drives. These are some hacks you should look into if you are preparing for a very long road trip.


Some car seats are more comfortable than others. It usually has to do with the year of production, the quality of the seats. But even the softest car seats will get unpleasant after 2 hours spent sitting in the same position. Any car owner aware that he will be taking very long drives with his vehicle should both make sure his car seats are comfortable throughout the vehicle, and look into buying additional cushions. If they will be driving long distance during the night as well, they should keep in mind the obvious nocturnal temperature drop, and equip their car with enough blankets for all their companions.


Traveling on your own is a lonely thing to do, especially if when cooped up in a vehicle for several hours straight. It is significantly easier with friends to keep you company, but even then, it is good to have some external source of entertainment. When traveling with kids, it can be very stressful keeping them busy long enough. Some kids will sleep throughout the whole journey, but those are rare. Other kids are best given a DIY car entertainment kit. When traveling with adults, it is a bit easier. There are plenty of car games and activities that will not distract the driver, but will keep everybody else entertained for long periods. And do not forget the #1 source of entertainment in vehicles – the radio. Modern in-car audio systems have the obligatory radio option, and often a CD player. But what is truly useful is a car radio that supports usb-drives. After all, flash sticks are where we store most of our music nowadays.


First things first, never travel out of town with just one car key. Always have a spare, and keep it away from the original, or else suffer being locked out of your car with both keys indoors. Other than that, there’s also the matter of having all your driving documents with you when you set out on the road. It is wise to keep a system of folders in your house, for bills, legal matters, etc. Keep one for car and road documents as well.

All in all, enjoy your trip. Bring a camera. Record the countryside. Make stops to stretch out, take a walk. Make stops to visit some interesting roadside attractions. As with all things in life, it is not the destination, but the journey that matters.



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