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Rooftop Hotels With Incredible Views

Relaxing with a beautiful meal or a nice cold drink on a rooftop balcony is an amazing experience. There is something freeing about the amazing view around you and it really does add so much to your experience. This infographic from Top Grade Roofing features some of the best rooftops from around the world. Bangkok has an especially amazing rooftop and is a must visit if you’re on a holiday there. It goes all the way up on the 63rd floor and the view from there of Bangkok is incredible.

Dubai has become a more popular destination for holidays and if you are going there; check out the incredible 24th floor of the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. It’s home to a bar with a team of experienced bartenders and mixologists! Relax and enjoy the view with a cold drink.

Europe also has some wonderful destinations and the Terrass Hotel in Paris is well worth checking out. The view as you enjoy dinner is nothing short of spectacular and the food there is supposed to be amazing.

Holidays in Eastern Europe are also becoming more popular so if you’re in Prague; get yourself over to the Hotel U Prince. It has a fantastic restaurant on the fifth floor with an unbeatable view of the city all around you. Check out the full infographic now.



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