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Split-Timeless Mediterranean Beauty

Split-Timeless Mediterranean Beauty

If you want to enjoy the pleasant Mediterranean climate, nothing beats the serene atmosphere of Split, Croatia. This place is simply heaven on earth with plenty of islands around and untouched beauty of nature that makes it a timeless beauty for travelers. Split attracts millions of tourists around the world each year and there is everything from nature parks, beaches, palace, ancient temples, monuments, theatres, museums and galleries, and more. Split is the second largest city in Croatia founded in the early 3rd century BC by the Greeks. It later came under the purview of Byzantines and settled to become one of the key Roman provinces.

Places of interest

Split has plenty of attractions for its visitors of all age groups. There are various nature parks like Krka National Park which is popular for its scenic waterfalls. The 1700 years old Diocletian’s palace is an amazing architectural wonder where you can experience the rich history of the place. The Cathedral and the Bell Tower of St. Domnius is another interesting place where you can climb the top to see a breathtaking view of Split. Outside the Cathedral is where you can experience the culture and tradition of the region with musical events and summer festival that happens each year.

Diocletian’s palace; Image courtesy: Carole Radato (Flickr)


Islands near Split

There are plenty of islands surrounding Split and some of them are very popular among tourists. The Blue Cave, on island Bisevo, is very popular for the glowing blue water inside a natural sea cave. Unfortunately, you cannot stay too long in the cave and it’s not allowed to swim there, but it’s worth every moment spent there. You can relax on the beaches here with a cool breeze that gets cold by the evening. The Pakleni islands are another one with lush green forest and a calm beach where you have some fun. Brac is a popular island with the white pebble beach and this place is ideal for windsurfing. Here you can even find the famous white limestone from an active quarry nearby.

Blue cave; Image courtesy: Leonardo Shinagawa (Flickr)


Things you can enjoy doing in Split

One thing you must not miss while in Split is visiting the underground of the Diocletian palace. There is a huge passageway down here where you can see the astounding architecture. There are several ancient ruins such as the temple of Jupiter, aqueduct, Benedictine monastery, etc. For shopping, there are places like the green market, city center, popular fish market, and various other local areas where you can buy souvenirs as well. If you love wines then you can visit the famous Putalj winery where you can taste various different wines and enjoy the tour too.

Riva, Split; Image courtesy: Pixabay

Foodie’s guide

No trip is complete without good and authentic food of the place you visit. Split has plenty of places to eat and you can visit Konoba Lucac for traditional food and wine. Another popular place is O’zlata which is a restaurant in the heart of the Diocletian’s palace. You can also go for Solta island wine tasting tour where you can enjoy plenty of seafood as well. There are plenty of food tours that you can check while in Split too.

Restaurant in Diocletian’s palace, Image courtesy: Peter Gasston (Flickr)


Getting around places in Split

You can find some of the best taxi services in Split that can take you places. Whether it is the Split Airport taxi or the local commute within the city, you can get it all. You can even avail private taxi services that offer transfer to and from the ferry ports that take you to various islands. If you love visiting islands by boat, you can even hire boat transfer to your preferred island along with a personal skipper to assist you.

Split; Image courtesy: Pixabay

Overall, Split is the best place to enjoy with your family or friends and an ideal destination to visit any time of the year.



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