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The Occasion of World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day – Infographic

Tourism as an industry is worth billions of dollars all over the world. It is an industry that gives employment and a means of earning a sustainable living to people who might otherwise struggle to make ends meet.

More remote parts of the world or places that suffer from severe poverty or lack of access to education can realistically support themselves by providing some form of support services/products to visiting tourists. World Tourism Day is a United Nations backed initiative that is in place since 1980 and each year it’s assigned a theme – this year’s theme is sustainable development.

The day of celebration which this year is hosted by Qatar is a way to mark the contribution that tourism gives to world industry from an economic, political, social and cultural perspective.

The people over at Ard naSidhe hotel have put together this infographic which details everything that you need to know about this annual tourism celebration; check all the details out below.



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