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Why Should Fans Of Game Of Thrones Visit Dubrovnik

The city of Dubrovnik in Croatia, famed as the “Pearl of Adriatic”, dates all back to the 7th century, as found from its historical recordings. The city has endured many foreign attacks, natural calamities and civil wars gallantly and aged gracefully over the years.

Dubrovnik is blessed with a rare combination of breathtaking natural beauty and splendid architecture. It is surrounded by bounty of nature, clear water, clean beaches, and its pleasant Mediterranean climate adds up to the general mood. The city boasts its marvelous gothic and renaissance architecture, which stood unshaken when a massive earthquake hit the city in 1667. With so much history and culture to preserve, UNESCO has deemed it as a world heritage site in 1979.

This Is King’s Landing

It sounds just right that the fictional city of “King’s Landing” should be set here. Owing to the huge popularity of “Game Of Thrones” TV series, the city is seeing a surge of tourists like never before. Surprised with its new found peak in popularity, the city has done its part for the tourists by organizing “Game Of Thrones” tours. Guided tours take you to all the places where the events from the show took place and tell you which part was filmed where. There are day tours and night tours, covering different locations categorized per your choice.

If you are quite the adventurer and an avid fan of the series, then you can just wander down the streets and figure it out for yourself. The city has been shot in its most natural self as the ancient look of the narrow cobbled streets and the historic forts were more than appropriate. Walk through the paved streets of Pile district to see the magnanimous Lovrijenac Fortress, which portrayed the Red Keep in the show. Further down the street you will find the real life location Lord Petyr Baelish’ brothel house. Although, in reality this place is much more family friendly location – a well known ethnographic museum.

Exploring Dubrovnik And Lokrum Island

Take a break and enjoy the view on the harbor of Kolorina, where Sansa sat listening to Littlefinger’s plots and looking for a way back home. Crossing the Pile Bridge would bring you to the gates Jaime came through after returning from the North and where the mob had rebelled against King Joffrey. Strolling a little further on the narrow streets, you will come across the places where now already famous Cercei’s walk of Shame took place. This is an open location and you can recreate whole walk by yourself. Just expect streets to be much more crowded.

If you take a look over the Adriatic Sea, nearby you will notice small lush island locally known as Lokrum. Island is located 600m northwest of Dubrovnik and is often considered hidden jewel of the city. If you decide to rent a boat you could reach its shores in about ten minutes and witness how fictional city of Qarth looks in real life. Also, scenes for the House Of The Undying were filmed on Lokrum as well.

The City Of Theatre And Arts

You are bound to get hungry after all walking and exploring. Taking a break at some of the local restaurants will give you a chance to enjoy some of the most delicious local cuisine. Delicacies offered on menus in Dubrovnik are mostly based on fresh sea food, which is not surprising. The city is also famous for its Summer games, Libertas film festival and music festivals. Because of all that, Dubrovnik has been crowned with the flattering moniker “The City Of Theatre And Arts”. So while there, be sure to witness some of the plays or music event in the city’s Municipal Theatre. As a city with such rich history, it’s no wonder that museums, monasteries and cathedrals can be found at almost every corner. People with interest in old European history and heritage will certainly feel like home here.

The magnificent locations, the history and the period plays would certainly transform you to a different era completely. Dubrovnik definitely is a must place to visit for all the avid fans of “Game of Thrones” and cultural tourists as well. Prices of accommodation are more than affordable, food and drinks are cheap. This can be attributed to not so good economic situation of Croatia at the moment, so why not take the opportunity since Dubrovnik is most definitely one of the more unique European destinations for visit.



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