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Buses in Colombia: How to make your journey comfortable

It’s very hard to avoid bus travel in Colombia. Colombian buses offer the most enjoyable and affordable way to get across long distances within the country.

Colombia however, like most South American countries, does not have the best quality when it comes to buses. The tips in this article will help you to make your journey comfortable.

  • Choosing the bus company

It’s important that you choose the right bus company. As you walk into a bus terminal in Colombia, people will come at you shouting potential destinations. Travelers often get excited when they hear their destination and randomly pick a person to later end up buying tickets from him. This isn’t a very good idea.

Buy your tickets from a reputed bus company, and be willing to spend a little extra money if that makes your journey safer and more comfortable.

  • Where to sit?

If you are boarding night buses in Colombia, don’t sit too close to the front. When the movie on the bus TV finishes, it will be quiet in the body of the bus; however, the drivers will still be listening to music which will disturb your sleep.

Also, sitting at the extreme back wouldn’t be a good choice, as that’s where the toilets are. This place can sometimes be too stinky, so try to avoid it, if possible.

  • Food

Food and drinks are not sold inside the Colombian buses. The buses stop at some expensive restaurants, but the quality of food in these restaurants isn’t that great. Bring your own food and drinks, that’ll keep you more satisfied.

  • What to wear?

It’s quite COLD inside the buses. The temperature outside could be warm, but the air conditioner on the buses is usually set at 15C. So, wear a long sleeve top while onboard and carry a blanket or sleeping bag if possible.

  • Security

Safety should be your first priority; especially in Colombia. If you are cautious, you will have a much better experience.

Don’t leave anything expensive in your backpack that goes under the bus. Also, never put your carry bag in the overhead rack; particularly at night. If the bus stops temporarily and you need to get off, remember to take your carry bag with you.

  • Have fun!

Remember that everything is all just part of traveling, so don’t let it get to your nerves. It’s simply amazing to just sit by the window and see the world go by. Bus travel in Colombia provides you with a very unique experience of Colombian life, which is completely not possible when you take flights between your destinations.

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