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Top 5 Places You Need To Visit In Europe

Top 5 Places You Need To Visit In Europe

Europe is one of the famous destinations to visit in the world, and yes, a must see. But you can be overwhelmed by the full range of cities to see as well as places to visit.

The following list is just an attempt to lead you to the right place, especially if you do not have time at hand to wander each city. Below are the top 5 cities you should not miss and some the things you can not avoid while you are there on your first visit.
Zagreb, Croatia

When it comes to the capitals of Europe, Zagreb has got to be among the most overlooked places in the region. It is a place in which you can still experience or feel Central Europe without any crowd and for importantly less than in areas such as Prague, Vienna or Budapest. They are entirely right, and we agree. That is why real estate Croatia rated Zagreb as the best destination to visit in Europe. Zagreb is at once edgy and cosmopolitan, with its heady blend of Brutalist architecture as well as the sun splashed Austro-Hungarian brimming with coffee drinkers. Do not miss the Marticeva place, where you will find plenty of cafes, restaurants and the market of Kvatric farmers’, a favorite among visitors and locals alike.

Gotland, Sweden

As the largest island located in the Baltic Sea, it is almost unbelievable that Gotland gets so little attention. Gotland is no doubt an excellent place. Peace space is easy to obtain, whether it is in the form of flowing or peaceful fishing villages, affable pastures.

Indeed, if you’re driving through the openness of Gotland. Now, the ribbon of the road just unfurls across its flat green landscape. No guardrails, no billboards, just grazing herds and country churches of indigenous gray and curly-haired sheep. Sometimes, the squat, decommissioned windmill will appear in a sleek, or a meadow, modern wind turbine slowly twirls on the horizon. But, everywhere, the haunting beauty of Gotland follows.

Paphos, Cyprus

Paphos, and even Cyprus in general flies properly under the radar about European destinations, even though I’m amazed as to why. Perhaps it is because Malta, Italy, and Greece are closer to Western Europe, or the tumult of the country’s surrounding Cyprus has offered it a bad reputation. But whatever the cause, recognition of Paphos as the European Capital of Culture for this year means it is buzzing even above usual, with many events aimed at sharing, exploring and connecting diverse cultures of the local place and beyond.

The Alentejo, Portugal

Portugal has been getting much attention lately as among Europe’s cheaper places to live. However, there is plenty occurring for short-term visitors, too. Évora, the town of the medieval walled 90 miles east of Lisbon, Portugal, is one spot you won’t want to miss. The Alentejo Coast is a world far from the Algarve. Now we’re discussing excellent surf, expansive sandy beaches, craggy fearful cliffs as well as dusty red soils.

Galicia, Spain

If you know Camino de Santiago—a popular pilgrimage in the 9th century— you’re at least familiar with Galicia, whose shrine of Saint James the Great is now the pilgrimage’s destination. The truth is, there’s a lot more to do in Galicia, even though, with its Cíes Islands becoming the ideal getaway for anybody who feels Galicia itself is not remote enough.



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